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Call T-Rex Computers, your source for refurbished computers and computer related products in Myrtle Beach, SC. T-Rex Computers specialize in refurbished computers, laptop sales, computer servers and Apple computers. Please read some reviews from our satisfied customers.

T-Rex Computers proudly serve residents in and around Myrtle Beach, SC interested in refurbished computers, computer equipment, and computer technical support. Our refurbished computers and services are perfect for anyone in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach.

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Refurbished computers in Myrtle Beach, SC
High Speed Computers in Myrtle Beach,SC

We have been providing computer solutions to Mac & PC customers on the Grand Strand of SC since 1992. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our knowledge, technical skills, and friendly approach to resolving all your computer problems.

Hardware upgrades, diagnostics, and repair is our strength. We can do component replacement, LCD screen replacements, hard drive replacement, liquid spill damage repair, and much more. On the software side, we install new operating systems, upgrade or step back OS to Windows 7 or other as required.

what we can do - We come to you!

Our techs come to you so we get to understand your complete setup including printers and network. Since we do consulting, we can help you to understand your best options when replacing equipment and upgrading. When the work on your system is best done in our shop, we provide pick up and delivery service also.

For basic fixes like printer installs, system clean up, software updates, we can do these tasks remotely to expedite completion and reduce the costs. All our work is done by appointment, including equipment drop offs. Thus if your system is either slow or not working at all, we can fix it.

We also do network set up, diagnostics, and repair. So if you are having network issues we can find the problem and fix it. Our standard work week is Monday to Friday, but we can provide emergency repairs when required in the evening or on the weekend. Typically, we provide faster service for a lower price with satisfaction guarantee. Serving the Grand Strand of SC since 1992 with Mac & PC repairs.

We can turn your home into a smart home!

Our techs come to your home or business. We can also remote in to your computer for quick fixes and system clean up. Services include networking, printer installs, virus removal, hardware repair or upgrade, OS upgrades/installs.

Services by appointment only - call 843-626-5235